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The 7 Essential Steps You Need to Set Up a Small Business

7 Essential Steps You Need to Setup a Small Business

Are you a parent who is living with a disability and looking for a career change? Thinking of becoming your own boss and starting a small business? Running your own business is a wonderful way to have more control over your career. But getting started can take some work. Here are some steps you should consider as you contemplate starting a small business.

Create Some Career Goals

The first item of business should be to think about the kind of business that will work for you. Choose an option that will make you happy but also provide the stability and structure you need for your family. Do you love meeting new people and exploring houses? Becoming a real estate agent is a great way to generate income. If you love animals, you may consider starting a dog-walking or dog-boarding business. Consider your own unique talents and put them to use in a business that brings you joy.

Put Together a Business Plan

Once you’ve found your chosen field, it’s a good idea to pull together your business plan. With a business plan, you can map out how to start and manage your new business. Building a business plan, even for a small business, will push you to really think through your strategies and ensure your new venture will be a success.

Figure Out Funding

Establishing a new business typically requires some financial resources. As a parent, you may not want to use your savings, so research small business loans or even grants. There are quite a few business tools for small business owners who live with a disability. Use those tools to your advantage to help take financial stress away from your family. Don’t forget about taxes either, as there are plenty of small business deductions and rules you need to be aware of.

Pick Up Helpful Supplies

These days, you can’t have a business without investing in some technology. Look into an affordable laptop and a printer. If you don’t already have a smartphone, think about adding one with a dedicated phone number for your business and accessibility options. You should also order some marketing materials. Business cards are a basic networking need and there are tons of simple, inexpensive solutions right online, including braille and special options for those who need them. Be sure to save your receipts so you can deduct eligible expenses from your taxes.

Work Out a Workspace

Every small business owner needs a comfortable space to work. When you’re pulling together your initial business plans, a local cafe or restaurant can provide a respite from the distractions at home. As your business grows, you may find yourself in need of a spot with a more dedicated purpose. If an office isn’t in your budget, consider looking into co-working spaces to give you some structure without costing you a fortune.

Organize an Office at Home

Getting out and about to get your work done can offer networking, and a break, from your routine, but as a parent and small-business owner, you’ll likely want the option to get some work done at home. It may be tempting to work from your couch or kitchen table but seasoned small business owners will tell you that having a home office is the key to productivity. Pick up some home office furniture that fits your needs and create a quiet room or corner to cater to your business needs and create the calm you need.

Set Up a Productive Schedule

As a parent, you know the importance of sticking to a routine. Setting up a work schedule can make a difference when it comes to running your own business as well. While flexible work hours can give you the freedom you need to care for yourself and your family, it’s important to still try and stick to a regular schedule when it comes to your business. Set up some office hours and stick to them as much as you can. Set aside some time to get out and network as well. So much of small business marketing comes from word of mouth, so talking to people about your business is one key to creating success.

It can be tricky balancing your business needs with your responsibilities as a parent and your own needs. Setting up a small business is a good way to generate the income you need while maintaining the flexibility you need to manage your health and the happiness of your family.

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Patrick Young | 08/28/2018

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